Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkins

HI All,
I had this wonderful idea (or at least I thought it was a wonderful idea) to paint a few pumpkins with chalk board paint for Peepers to draw on. Peepers is still too little to get into carving pumpkins & let's face it, the guts are gross (who wants to touch that icky stuff)!
Get yourself a few nice pumpkins & clean them off. If you are going to paint the whole pumpkin, tape off around the stem. Or tape off a square for your spooky/fall message to go.
Then paint. The instructions said a roller works best for applying the paint, but I used a brush & it worked fine. A roller would probably work best for a wall or flat surface. Let it dry & apply a second coat. It is wet in this photo... it is matte when it dries.
Wait 24 hours before drawing on it. The directions also said you need to "condition it" by rubbing chalk all over it & them wiping it off. Again, I did not do this on the pumpkins, but probably would on a wall. Cute huh? Peepers really enjoyed drawing on it too.
One Warning: After I wiped it down to start fresh, noticed that the paint " flaked" off in a few spots. I suggest that you draw gently on the pumpkin & make sure they are at room temperature before you paint them. I want to try this on a artificial pumpkin that you can buy at a craft store & see how well it washes/wears.
Here are 3 links for more painted pumpkin inspiration...
Thanks, Karla

Friday, September 10, 2010


So I have the fall/Halloween decorating bug already. A few cool days & I'm ready.
I'm already dreaming of what Peepers can be this year... This may be the last year I get to dress him in what I want to be for Halloween :(
This is a super simple craft to get the season started.
You need paper (Halloween theme card stock), scissors, ribbon, a hole punch, double stick tape or glue & a few minutes.
1) Cut out your letters - mine are 4" tall. I punched these at Achiever's but you can print off a letter in a a scary font & trace it on to paper.
2) Cut a rectangle bigger than your letter. I think this was 4"w x 5"h. I used paper edger scissors & a ink pad to make them look old and worn.
3) Use double stick tape or glue to adhere the letter on to the rectangle, punch some holes, weave some ribbon (be sure to leave long tails if don't know where you want to hang it.)
Hang in in the mirror in the dining room
Or hang it here (notice the classy masking tape holding it in place)

I think this will look great with a few cob webs over the vintage window.
For a SERIOUSLY CUTE Halloween Banner that involves some sewing go here. I will have to add this to the "TO DO list". I love this!

Thank you, Karla

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Apple Season

These were taken at my Mom's house a few weeks ago.
We can't wait to go to an apple orchard this fall & have Peepers experience all the fun.

Thank You, Karla

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photos with Grandpa N

Thanks, Karla