Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scrabble Charm Bracelet

Hi All,

Here is a quick tutorial of the Scrabble Charm Bracelet I made my Mom's Birthday Present.

I had found a Scrabble game a while back as Goodwill  - I was super excited to find it, because there are a number of Scrabble crafts floating around in my head that I wanted to make or use for scrap booking, etc.

Scrabble tiles are 18mm wide X 20 mm tall.

1. Place a piece of masking or painters tape over the tile to protect it from the drill
2. Mark 9mm over & 4mm down for the center of the hole.
3. Drill hole - we (My Husband) carefully drilled a pilot hole & then used a slightly larger drill bit for the finished hole.  The finished hole measured approx 2mm in diameter. 

***We practiced on the "X" first - I didn't want to risk any precious letters :)
 You can simply add a jump ring here & you are ready to wear OR ...
You can add a photo/picture to the back.

4. I printed out photos of Mom's 3 grandkids at 15mm X 15mm
5. Mod Podge the photo to the back of the Scrabble tile - let dry a few hours
6. Added a thin layer of Diamond Glaze over the photo - let dry over night
7. Add jump ring & wear
 ***While the Mod Podge & Diamond Glaze are wet, I used  needle to make sure the hole was not clogged

Love, Karla

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

29 cent Hay Bails

Yes, That's right 29 cent hay bails. 

I feel silly even blogging about this craft, but it was a pretty low key weekend at our house.  The Boy & I were both feeling a bit under the weather & with the rain, we were looking for quite indoor activities.

I do have to say this all started with my parents visiting from Wisconsin & giving The Boy an early Birthday present of a mini John Deere Hay Bailer.

What you need:
  • 1 sheet of Felt (that's the 29 cents)
  • scissors
  • ruler & pencil
  • hot glue
Mark & cut your felt 3/4" wide strips (12" long)
 Feed the animals...
 Haul in pick-up...
 Store in barn...
 Haul again... Hours of fun!!! (literally)
Thank you, Karla

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