Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm a runner up!

Recently I entered an embellished tee contest at work. I entered the white version of the four petal tee from the other day's post & one new creation.
Well, I was one of 3 runners up.

Yippee for me! I'll be showing off photos of this tee at a later post.

There is another contest I hope to enter too at Ruffles and Stuff Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Four Petal tee

Gather up a Tee you want to embellish & some scrap knit fabric. I had a Yellow Tee, used tonally warm colors of knit for the flowers. (I used yellow, white, dark pink, light pink, orange, & peach tones) Since knit will not fray, no need to treat the edges like on the last project.
Each flower has 4 petals, I estimated that I would need 11 flowers, so I cut 50 circles from the different colored fabric. I cut a few extra so I had some to play with the different colors & to use for the covered buttons. The circles were about 2” and were not perfectly round.
Pick 4 circles of varying color. Fold them in half. Take 2 and place folded edges together.
Take the third “petal” and place it on top of one of the existing petals, & underneath of the other existing petal.
Take the fourth “petal” and place it on top of one of the existing petals, & underneath of the other existing petal. Think of it like folding in the top of a box. You should now see 4 different colored petals
Carefully transfer this to your shirt & sew on with a circle stitch. Again, don’t worry if you circle is not perfect. We will be “randomly” putting covered buttons in some flowers.

Keep doing this method on your Tee until you feel you have your left shoulder/neck covered to your desired effect.
This tee was a little long on me, so I cut a tiny slit in the inside hem & put elastic thru it to gather it up on the bottom a bit.
Peepers helping sew on the covered buttons. Here is where the button can cover up some of your imperfect circles. I used 3 on this shirt.
DONE! ready to wear. I've worn this top a few times & get a ton of compliments on it. The one thing I would do differently is add a few more flowers & make sure that the flower overlap a bit more. I like the fullness better when they are clustered together more.
I also make one out of different tonal white fabric & lace flowers. For a dressier look.
Upcoming Posts: The month of April I'm focusing on things I'm working on for Peepers. His 2nd B-day is coming up & we are starting to get ready.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black Eyed Peas Concert

Last night I went to one of the best concert ever!!! The Black Eyed Peas. The tickets were gift from my hubby. Fergie & Will.I.Am were unbelievable. These are a few phots from my cell of the large screen.

Thank you sweetie!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Singed Petal Floral Tee

I've really been into embellishing Tee's lately. Here is one I made a while ago, just have not had time to post.

Using 100% polyester crepe fabric, cut a bunch of circles, I used 3 sizes 3" 2" & 1". They don't have to be perfect since we are going to singe the edges. I cut about 60 circles. Since this a a woven fabric, the edges need to be treated so they won't fray with wash/wear.

Using a candle, hold the circles just above the flame. Polyester is a synthetic fiber, so it will melt. You want just the edges to melted ever so slightly (cut a few extra circles to practice on & have a glass of water handy, just in case). I went around each circle twice to make sure all the edges got it.
I used 4 colors of fabric for the petals: dark grey, light grey, white & cream. I then played with how I wanted the petals to lay. I used 5-6 petals each flower alternating colors. The Tee I bought to embellish has a VERY SCOOPED neck line, so I pleated, pinned & sewed it with silver metallic thread. Stitching right on to of the existing topstitching.

I positioned the flowers so they cascaded down the side of the Tee. I sewed on the flowers with the same metallic thread with a big "X" stitch in the center.

Tee Is done!
It has great dimension, looks good with jeans & black pants & the singed edges of the flowers
have not frayed with washing. (Ignore the messy sewing room) I'm reorganizing & hope to paint & add shelving some day.
Fun new Tee for Spring.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fabric Banner Notecards

I've been inspired to make one of these for Peeper upcoming B-day (Can you believe he will be 2 in 2 months???)

And a coworker sent me this link for printed note cards.

Well, I just had to put the 2 together!

What a fun way to use up some of my fabric scraps (teeny tiny pieces at a time).

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lianne & Josh's Wedding

Hi all,

About about a month ago I had the honor of being able to be the photographer of my Niece's wedding. Thanks goodness had assistance from BFF Bethany to help coordinate everything. It was a huge undertaking since this was my first wedding... But we were really able to get some wonderful photos.

Here are a few...