Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long Sleeve Flower tee

I started with 2 tees, one was a super sheer shirt that I had to have (but never wore). The other was a long sleeve shirt in almost that identical color.

I cut flowers from the sheer tee... 21 larger flowers - these measured approx. 3.5" across (note they are not perfectly shaped).
Then cut 33 1 1/2" flowers.
Each flower cluster has 3 pieces. I positioned the small flowers so the petals alternated & then sewed them long the right side of the shirt along the neckline.

5 flower clusters were at the neck rib seam, the remaining 4 clusters were nestled in between the first row of flowers 1 row down. These ran over on to the left side of the shirt for a non-symmetrical look.
Instead of just tacking them, I stitched them with an “X”. So when I wear the shirt, this stitching holds the flower open a bit more for a fuller look.
The Larger flowers I positioned the same alternating fashion so no petals were fully overlapped. I grouped these flower clusters starting where I left off with the small flowers and extended the large petal clusters on to the left shoulder. I used the same “X” stitch here.
I just sewed all the flowers on & trimmed all the loose threads when I was done. I love the way this shirt turned out & have worn it once & received many compliments on it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Melissa's Girls

Thanks, Karla

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Upcycled Halloween Wreath

Do you ever have a seasonal craft idea that you thought of just after the season passed???

Welcome to my Halloween wreath... I thought of this craft last year & have been working on it ever since. Well... not really "working" on it, but "collecting" for it for year. AND... I still probably would not have it complete except for my Hubby's family who was helping me "collect" for this project. Special SHOUT OUT to Walter, Deb & Denny for their help on this project :)

So Collecting what you may ask??? Well, OPNB's (Orange Plastic Newspaper Bags) from our local paper... delivered weekly.

I used these bags & a metal wreath frame from JAF to make an Upcycled Halloween Wreath. I like the fact that this wreath frame had 4 layers to it, so the wreath will be nice & full.

Take your bags & lay them flat, you can stack a bunch on top of each other to make this go faster. Cut off the top & bottom so the edges are even.
Then cut the bag in half.
Once you get a nice stack of cut bags, you can start assembling your wreath.
Just fold the cut bag in half,And loop it thru the wire wreath frame & pull the tails thru.Do this all the way around the wreath on all 4 layers. Push them close together, so the wreath is nice & full. When the bags arrive on your doorstep, they don't appear to have much color, but scrunched all together, it is a fun Halloween orange.

Once the wreath is complete, I added a few spiders (twisted into the wreath with a fine wire).
I added a burlap black bow (I love the frayed edges).Here is the finished wreath.
For 2 other fun upcycled Halloween crafts look HERE and HERE.
Thank you for stopping by to see my Blog, Karla

Friday, October 15, 2010

Erin & Josh

Hi - I recently had the opportunity to take some photos of my Niece Erin & her Fiance Josh for a print with a large mat for guests to sign at their wedding. The day was perfect... not too sunny.. these were just taken in our back yard.

Thank You, Karla

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Elliott

Could he be any cuter???

Thanks, Karla

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mommy & Baby Photos

My Sister in Law took these when we were in Wisconsin a few weeks ago. These are some of my of my favorites. Thanks Jobi & thanks to Reid who made silly faces to get Anders to smile.