Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lace Corsage/Belt

This weekend I went to a girls craft day - It was wonderful to get away & be with fellow crafters... although more chit chatting went on than actual crafting.. but it was all good! So more lace projects... this one is pretty easy. I've really been enjoying wearing belts... I feel like a actually have a waist! So for this project I'm making a lace corsage that you wear on a ribbon belt.

I followed the directions from
Martha to make the lace corsage, but hot glued a small circle of felt & a pin on the back & sewed a nice rhinestone button in the center of the flower.

Then on a piece of ribbon 1.25" wide x 5 ft long, I sewed on a piece of matching felt to give it a little stability to support the pins. The felt piece was the same width as the ribbon & about 3" long. This I put at the center of the ribbon lengthwise.
The I added a few other corsages to the ribbon belt that I made from
here & here.
I like them so much, I have to make two!

Thank you, Karla
PS: Thank you Anna for hosting & Bethany for taking the photos :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lace Tee (AKA fixing a hole)

Hello crafters, family & friends~

Are any of you frustrated by getting little hole in the front of your Tee??? I'm not sure the reason for these mystery holes... because no matter where I buy the tee or how much a spend, I still get a hole. I blame it on my belt buckle (it is square, with a nice pointy corner) & on my seat belt that rubs on aforementioned belt buckle. So during my lace month, I decided to fix a hole in my tee & decorate a shirt.

First, I stitched the little hole shut, you can do this by hand of by machine. Then cut a strip on lace long enough to go from shoulder to hem + a few (4) inches for turning back. My lace is about 4.5" wide, so I used 2 strips down the front.

Pin the pieces of lace in place so that the scalloped edges overlap at Center Front (so where one strip of lace curves in, the other curves out to look like one piece of lace).

I then used a large zig zag stitch to stitch down the lace. You'll do this along both outer edges of the lace & once down the center where the 2 pieces overlap.
I then hemmed the lace that hangs past the shirt along the bottom edge - I just flipped it to the back side of the shirt & again used a a large zig zag stitch.

I did the same thing along the neckline - this tee was a v-neck so it was easier to just fold the extra lace to the back side & zigzag in place. If the neckline would have been curved, I would have clipped the lace in about 1/2" ever 1/2" along the curve & tuck it under & stitched it instead of folding it to the back side.
Finished & no more hole!
Thank you for stopping by my blog to see my latest projects.
PS: Yes, we have twinkle lights up in our porch... we keep them up all year :)


Monday, February 14, 2011

Lace sachet

This lace craft is so easy, It's like cheating...
I started with the lace from the sleeve of the wedding dress, used a few scraps of ribbon & some lavender (or potpourri).

Cut lace to your desired shape, sew into desired shape (rights sides together) . Loop ribbon & tuck between the 2 layers. Leave a 3" opening to fill with scented (or stinky stuff as my Husband calls it).Carefully fill with stinky stuff & hand stitch opening closed.

Happy Valentine's Day! Karla
* Note: I used another layer of wedding dress fabric (chiffon) under the lace to help keep the stinky stuff inside the sachet.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow - Boy Version

More wedding dress crafts - this one is a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

If you just google it - there are a ton out there that I drew my inspirations from ... But I still needed to make it look masculine & use lace... I know know... the word masculine doesn't exactly come to mind when you think of lace.

You'll need:
2 pieces of fabric 7"x9" (I used light blue flannel)
1 piece 4"x5" for the pocket
9" of lace
3 - 9" pieces of ribbon
a scrap of white felt cut into the shape of a tooth
Sew the tooth on the pocket & the pocket on one piece of fabric - this will be the back of the pillow. I sewed the tooth on a bit crooked, but centered the pocket on the back of the pillow.

I positioned the lace down the center of the front of the pillow. Then positioned the ribbon on each side of the lace. Pin it & sew down the inside edge of the ribbon.

Since the lace is scalloped, I trimmed off the excess...

Then stitched down the outer edge of the ribbon.

Stitch down the ribbon handle along the top edge. I went is 2" from each side.

Now, put the back & the front together (RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER) Something you should have learned that from 7th grade sewing class. And sew the 2 pieces together, leaving open one short end. Then stuff your pillow, and sew the opening shut.

Put your tooth in the pocket, hang on the door & wait for the Tooth Fairy to exchange it for a dollar. PS: Peepers is years away from needing this... I just need to be prepared.
Plus, I love to take photos of him sleeping.

For more fun boy crafts check out THE BOY button to the right - a full month of boy inspiration starts Feb 15th.
Enjoy, Karla

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lace Bracelet

Hi All, this is my first post about all the fun ways you can re-use a wedding dress & lace.

Today, I am making a bracelet.

You'll need: Lace, clothes pins, a plastic bracelet & glue. The glue I borrowed from my Mom, we made a bracelet like this a few years back using a crochet doilies. It turned out really cute, so I Thought a lace one would be nice & easy. This glue is wonderful!

Spread the glue all over the bracelet, I did about 2" at a time on the outside & inside of the bracelet.

Apply the lace to the outside of the bracelet, wrapping & pulling tight to the inside of the bracelet & hold in in place with clothes pins.

Let sit & dry...

And dry...
And wear!

Karla :)