Sunday, March 21, 2010

Singed Petal Floral Tee

I've really been into embellishing Tee's lately. Here is one I made a while ago, just have not had time to post.

Using 100% polyester crepe fabric, cut a bunch of circles, I used 3 sizes 3" 2" & 1". They don't have to be perfect since we are going to singe the edges. I cut about 60 circles. Since this a a woven fabric, the edges need to be treated so they won't fray with wash/wear.

Using a candle, hold the circles just above the flame. Polyester is a synthetic fiber, so it will melt. You want just the edges to melted ever so slightly (cut a few extra circles to practice on & have a glass of water handy, just in case). I went around each circle twice to make sure all the edges got it.
I used 4 colors of fabric for the petals: dark grey, light grey, white & cream. I then played with how I wanted the petals to lay. I used 5-6 petals each flower alternating colors. The Tee I bought to embellish has a VERY SCOOPED neck line, so I pleated, pinned & sewed it with silver metallic thread. Stitching right on to of the existing topstitching.

I positioned the flowers so they cascaded down the side of the Tee. I sewed on the flowers with the same metallic thread with a big "X" stitch in the center.

Tee Is done!
It has great dimension, looks good with jeans & black pants & the singed edges of the flowers
have not frayed with washing. (Ignore the messy sewing room) I'm reorganizing & hope to paint & add shelving some day.
Fun new Tee for Spring.

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