Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few more Grandparent's Day gift ideas - there's still time.

Hi All,
There are still a few days if you are thinking you want your kids (OK, You) to make a craft for Grandparents Day.
SHRINKIE DINKS:I LOVED these as a kid & remember making Christmas tree ornaments one year with Aunt Charmaine. I found this special Skrinkie Dink paper that works with a printer. I made key chains, but this could be cute for a necklace or charm bracelet too. These were from last year... look how chubby Peepers was!
I purchased these Shrinkie Dink Computer Paper from Joanne Fabrics & Crafts, but I have not seen it there lately at my store. HERE is a place it is available for purchase.

Do you get these magnets with every new sports season or in January? What do you do with them after? I feel guilty throwing them away. So I tried this easy craft.
Trim the magnet to the size of the photo OR trim a piece of fun scrap book paper to the size of the photo frame.
Glue the photo or paper on to the magnet. I set them under a heavy book to dry flat for a few hours. Then Mod Podge over the photo or paper & let dry. You may need to trim it up a bit, if the edges didn't line up perfectly.

I love this IDEA for easy storing of art projects. This would be great to make one for yourself & one as a gift. Scanning in your kids art also works great for making cards.

OTHER CARD IDEAS: thumb print art... here are 2 links for a kids craft idea

This was one Peepers did at School using a thumb print for Lady Bugs. I just love it & have used it for many cards (I keep the original , of course)



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Simple Travel Flash Cards

Hi All, I'm a back to school supply shopping junkie... I love all the new markers, fun pens & erasers. There are so many new fun things to get.

Anders & I have been working on shapes & colors. He knows circle, triangle, star & blue & orange pretty good. So when I found these at the One Spot with all the back to school stuff, I had to get them.

I would love to have the time & patience for making these flash cards, but let's be real... these are much faster, simpler & less expensive. There were 36 cards in this set, so I made 3 sets (one set for each car & one set for home). I used clear packing tape to "laminate" one corner of the flash card. I could have " laminated" the whole card (and might yet if these are a hit) so they will last longer.
Punch a whole in that corner, not too close to the edges. Them I use the first card as a template for the hole location for the remaining cards.

Slips a ring on it & away you go.
Thanks, Karla

Monday, August 23, 2010

Decorated Tank

HI~ Before summer is over, you still have time to make one of these tanks. Take a tank (I like the Long & Lean from Target) and some coordinating scrap fabric (I used a woven, but you could use a knit too).

I cut my fabric 10" x 4" on the bias... By cutting on the bias, I won't have to finish the edges, I can leave them raw & they will fray just a tiny bit. It you use a knit accent fabric, you do not need to cut on the bias.

Use a basting stitch to gather the short edges, you can do this by hand or by machine since it is such a short piece.Gather the edges so that they are the same width as your tank shoulder strap, pin in place. to determine the position, I measured down 6" from the shoulder seam on the front of the tank, then 4" wraps around to the back of the tank. Do the same to the back with the gathers & pinning.

Sew in place (stitch over the basting stitch that you used - remember to reset your stitch length from basting & always backtack!!! Trim loose threads.I actually tacked the accent fabric at the shoulder seams, to better cover the tank straps and keep the gathers nice.

Thank you, Karla

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grandparents day is 9/12

Have you started working on your gift? If you haven't, it's not too late to start.

Here are a few ideas from past blog posts of mine.

Family Photo Album

Puzzle Blocks

Note pads

OR if you are looking for something a little less intense (in case you are not a big crafter)

Try on-line ordering ideas... for the next few days Walgreen's is having deal of the day. FREE photo gifts (you still have to pay for shipping) ~ but hey... you can't beat Free!

Thanks, Karla

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Flower Tee...

Start with 2 identical tees, cut flowers from one.
I cut 14 larger flowers - these measured 4" across (note they are not perfectly shaped).
Then cut 14 2 1/2" flowers
Each flower cluster has 2 larger flower pieces & 2 smaller pieces = 7 flowers total.
I positioned the flowers so the petals alternated & then sewed them in a cluster on the left side of the tee.
Instead of just tacking them, I stitched back & forth across the flower. So when I wear the shirt, this stitching holds the flower open a bit more. I also used silver metallic thread for a bit of subtle glitz.

I used an elastic piece a few inches shorter then the sleeve/shoulder measurement. I pull the elastic when sewing it to the inside of the shirt to create a bit of rusching.

I cut off the neck trim from the shirt I sewed the flowers too... made it kind of a boat shaped neckline. You can just leave it a raw edge, knit will not fray.

I added a few "stems" under the flowers, using just strips of left over fabric. I sewed down 3 & left 3 hang loose.
Thanks for stopping & checking out my Blog,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Treasure Bag

Hi All, I made this a while ago, but am just getting around to showing you.

If you have a little one who likes to drag a few toys with him out of the house everyday (not mentioning any names), This may be the ticket for you so they do not get lost in your car or in the store.

Start with 2 pieces of woven fabric 7" x 10"
Sew the 7" side together to form the bottom of the bag, finish the raw edges on the sides.

Fold wrong sides together along the bottom seam & pin 1" up. Do this on both sides.
The flip so that rights sides are together, this will form a 1" pleat on the bottom of the bag. If you are making a larger bag, you probably want a 2" pleat at the bottom.
The use pins to mark 3/4" from top edge & 1/2" further. Start at the bottom of the bag, at the pleats, sew up your side seams. When you reach the first pin, back tack a few stitches. Do not sew between the pins & start stitching up the last 3/4" back tacking each end.
Again, you will do this on both sides of the bag.
That little 1/2" you are not sewing shut will be just enough room to serve as a casing for your drawcord.
Nice Pleat!
Double turn the top edge of the bag and stitch around, making sure the opening for the drawcord is between the top fold & your casing stitch.
The use a Bodkin or safety pin to thread thru your drawcord.

Tie a knot at the ends of your drawcord. I used a 1/2" piece of jersey for the drawcord, the raw edges roll on to itself & create a nice drawcord.

Make a bunch! They are fast, I made them in an assembly line fashion.

Let your little one stuff them full for the next time you leave the house.

Thanks, Karla

Friday, August 6, 2010

Necklace do-over

I have this necklace that I love, but it was cheap (inexpensive) and tarnished. So I had the idea to give it a new life.

I spray painted it Yes, spray painted it! (I hung it from a clothes line in the back yard with paperclips - It needed a few coats & I jiggled the chain to make sure I had decent coverage with the paint).
The I added a pin that I made from scrap fabric & a button

Then I took some photos of myself in the back yard & edited them with a fun technique.

Thanks, Karla

Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Kenji

Adorable! Need I say more? His hair just naturally forms a little Mohawk.

He truly is a gift & a very loved little baby.
Thanks, Karla