Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Treasure Bag

Hi All, I made this a while ago, but am just getting around to showing you.

If you have a little one who likes to drag a few toys with him out of the house everyday (not mentioning any names), This may be the ticket for you so they do not get lost in your car or in the store.

Start with 2 pieces of woven fabric 7" x 10"
Sew the 7" side together to form the bottom of the bag, finish the raw edges on the sides.

Fold wrong sides together along the bottom seam & pin 1" up. Do this on both sides.
The flip so that rights sides are together, this will form a 1" pleat on the bottom of the bag. If you are making a larger bag, you probably want a 2" pleat at the bottom.
The use pins to mark 3/4" from top edge & 1/2" further. Start at the bottom of the bag, at the pleats, sew up your side seams. When you reach the first pin, back tack a few stitches. Do not sew between the pins & start stitching up the last 3/4" back tacking each end.
Again, you will do this on both sides of the bag.
That little 1/2" you are not sewing shut will be just enough room to serve as a casing for your drawcord.
Nice Pleat!
Double turn the top edge of the bag and stitch around, making sure the opening for the drawcord is between the top fold & your casing stitch.
The use a Bodkin or safety pin to thread thru your drawcord.

Tie a knot at the ends of your drawcord. I used a 1/2" piece of jersey for the drawcord, the raw edges roll on to itself & create a nice drawcord.

Make a bunch! They are fast, I made them in an assembly line fashion.

Let your little one stuff them full for the next time you leave the house.

Thanks, Karla

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