Monday, August 23, 2010

Decorated Tank

HI~ Before summer is over, you still have time to make one of these tanks. Take a tank (I like the Long & Lean from Target) and some coordinating scrap fabric (I used a woven, but you could use a knit too).

I cut my fabric 10" x 4" on the bias... By cutting on the bias, I won't have to finish the edges, I can leave them raw & they will fray just a tiny bit. It you use a knit accent fabric, you do not need to cut on the bias.

Use a basting stitch to gather the short edges, you can do this by hand or by machine since it is such a short piece.Gather the edges so that they are the same width as your tank shoulder strap, pin in place. to determine the position, I measured down 6" from the shoulder seam on the front of the tank, then 4" wraps around to the back of the tank. Do the same to the back with the gathers & pinning.

Sew in place (stitch over the basting stitch that you used - remember to reset your stitch length from basting & always backtack!!! Trim loose threads.I actually tacked the accent fabric at the shoulder seams, to better cover the tank straps and keep the gathers nice.

Thank you, Karla

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