Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few more Grandparent's Day gift ideas - there's still time.

Hi All,
There are still a few days if you are thinking you want your kids (OK, You) to make a craft for Grandparents Day.
SHRINKIE DINKS:I LOVED these as a kid & remember making Christmas tree ornaments one year with Aunt Charmaine. I found this special Skrinkie Dink paper that works with a printer. I made key chains, but this could be cute for a necklace or charm bracelet too. These were from last year... look how chubby Peepers was!
I purchased these Shrinkie Dink Computer Paper from Joanne Fabrics & Crafts, but I have not seen it there lately at my store. HERE is a place it is available for purchase.

Do you get these magnets with every new sports season or in January? What do you do with them after? I feel guilty throwing them away. So I tried this easy craft.
Trim the magnet to the size of the photo OR trim a piece of fun scrap book paper to the size of the photo frame.
Glue the photo or paper on to the magnet. I set them under a heavy book to dry flat for a few hours. Then Mod Podge over the photo or paper & let dry. You may need to trim it up a bit, if the edges didn't line up perfectly.

I love this IDEA for easy storing of art projects. This would be great to make one for yourself & one as a gift. Scanning in your kids art also works great for making cards.

OTHER CARD IDEAS: thumb print art... here are 2 links for a kids craft idea

This was one Peepers did at School using a thumb print for Lady Bugs. I just love it & have used it for many cards (I keep the original , of course)



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