Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Flower Tee...

Start with 2 identical tees, cut flowers from one.
I cut 14 larger flowers - these measured 4" across (note they are not perfectly shaped).
Then cut 14 2 1/2" flowers
Each flower cluster has 2 larger flower pieces & 2 smaller pieces = 7 flowers total.
I positioned the flowers so the petals alternated & then sewed them in a cluster on the left side of the tee.
Instead of just tacking them, I stitched back & forth across the flower. So when I wear the shirt, this stitching holds the flower open a bit more. I also used silver metallic thread for a bit of subtle glitz.

I used an elastic piece a few inches shorter then the sleeve/shoulder measurement. I pull the elastic when sewing it to the inside of the shirt to create a bit of rusching.

I cut off the neck trim from the shirt I sewed the flowers too... made it kind of a boat shaped neckline. You can just leave it a raw edge, knit will not fray.

I added a few "stems" under the flowers, using just strips of left over fabric. I sewed down 3 & left 3 hang loose.
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