Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heartbreaker shirt

Hi All,

I whipped together a quick Valentine's shirt for Peepers using a old shirt of his & a scrap of red fabric. I used the REVERSE APPLIQUE technique from previous shirts.
And totally cheated with iron-on letters (on sale this week at JAF).
Cute little shirt for him to wear on Valentine's day... or any day because the shirt doesn't lie.
PS: The sleeves on this tee totally bug me... they are not paired & balanced!

Thank You, Karla

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy Bookmarks

Take some odds N ends of scrap book paper, a paper cutter (or scissors) clear packing tape, magnetic tape ( I've used this on other projects). I cut the paper about 1 1/4" wide and the length can very... I made some 6" long for myself , some shorter 4" for Peepers out of fun paper.

Fold paper in half, I use my scissor handles to get a nice crease.

Use Clear packing tape (aka : Poor Man's Laminating) to cover the back & front of the paper. Trim off the excess tape leaving an 1/8" edge.

Then fold in half again on the same crease line & add your magnetic tape. If you don't have magnetic tape, you can use small magnets or cut up one of the many advertisement magnets you get in the mail & glue it on the inside of the folded bookmark.
Finished book marks that will not fall out of your book.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next month

Next Month is all about LACE & the 27 things (OK, I may be exaggerating a bit) you can do with lace upcycled from a wedding dress.

I've been making a ton of stuff, just no time to post anything these days :( I hope to have some things to show soon.
Update: This is not my wedding dress - It was given to me by my sister-in-law Debbie :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Calendar Puzzle

So it is 2011 & you all have 2010 calendars to toss or recycle. I chose to upcycle a fire truck calendar into a puzzle for my little man.

I purchased 15 3" x 3" squared from JAF in their pre-cut wood section. The number will vary depending on how big of a picture/calendar you have. I think they were .29 each.

I then measured off my puzzle into 3" x "3 squares

Cut the picture up & Modge Podged it on to the squares. There was a little trimming of the edges that needed to be done as either the wooden squares were not perfectly 3x3 or my cutting was a little off. (I'm blaming the wooden squares).
I did one photo on one side & another photo on the back. The pictures were completely different so it is pretty easy to see what side goes with what puzzle.
Does any one have any other suggestions for upcycling an old calendar?

Thank you, Karla

Monday, January 3, 2011

Craft room organization

Happy New Year!

I typically do not make resolutions (mainly because I have no will power to keep them). HA HA But this year after a re-do of my craft room I vow to keep it looking nice & organized (and also hope to tackle the last room in the house to be re-done)!

Here are some things I've used to organize my craft room... from THIS POST

These containers are Gerber wagon wheels with scrap book paper Mod Podged on them. I have done a bunch... these hold trinkets but I also have one for crayons, one for markers & one for chalk. I even have some by the phone in the kitchen for pens, scissors & other stray items.
Puffs Containers work great for pipe cleaners & paint brushes.

Can't go wrong with a few extra Command hooks to keep things neat & tidy.
Dollar Store plastic baskets in my rooms color scheme keep thread, Velcro, glue & wanna-be-projects out of sight, but with in easy reach. The Chocolate polka dot container is from baby formula. (I just couldn't bare to keep throwing those things away... I had to do something with them.)

Seriously, I use everything... these turq. containers are from Swiffer Wet cloths. They are fairly sturdy, work with my colors & don't have any holes for little things to slip out (or tiny fingers to poke thru).
I labeled everything with simple black card stock & chalk.Cork board for Miscellaneous keepsakes - works for pinning up pattern directions ( not that I use patterns much anymore... but once in a blue moon).
Blue Ball canning jars hold buttons... and these rope baskets are left overs from my craft/sewing room an my Bloomington House. I keep my yarn stashed in a hanging unit from IKEA.
And last but not least, If you have one of these...
You'll need some of these to keep your area tidy.

Thank you, Karla
PS - unlike the reality show room make-overs, I should check back with you in 6 months & see how I'm doing.