Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sewing/Craft Room Makeover - Finally

Hi everyone,

You may remember my blog post from 6 months ago about the disaster my sewing/craft room was in. Well, last week I took off a week from work (sent Peepers to day care) & finally did something about it! Most of the stuff for the room had already been purchased, it was just a matter of getting it done. Here is the BEFORE POST

First off, I need to thank my Hubby for helping me sort thru all kinds of CRAP (I mean treasures) before the magic could happen. We had a keep pile, a toss pile & a Craig's List pile.

Two years ago I had Artie ( My handy guy) install new task lighting... it is wonderful & a must for a room in the basement. I started out by painting the ceiling. It was very dingy and judging by how much @#$%! popcorn ceiling texture came off, I suspect it was the first time it was ever painted (see nice white square).

I painted the upper half of the exterior wall Light Lichen (left over paint from the porch). I also used this for the toddler table & chair set that goes in the craft room. Four years ago I bought the paint that I wanted to use for this room. So I had to take this back to the store & get it shook. I can't tell you the color because it was a "mistake paint" for $5.00.



The wonderful wall of shelving.

the Closets ( I painted the trim too). What lies behind these doors still needs to be sorted thru & purged.

Anders Art Wall
Chalk board door, cork board wall & hooks.

Filing cabinets

Peepers & I are already enjoying the sewing/craft room. I'll post more photos about everything that is going on in the room soon. I just LOVE how it turned out. The color is pretty intense (yes, you feel like you are underwater) But, I like to think of it as being in a different world.

Thank you, Karla

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