Thursday, November 11, 2010

Easy Art Wall

Here is how I did an easy art wall in our new craft space. This way I don't have to have all of Peepers lovely keepsake art hanging on the front of the refrigerator.
I used Command Hooks (seriously, I don't know what I did before this invention came along... they are literally the best thing since sliced bread & we use them in almost every room & closet in the house!!!) That can be a lazy day blog post...Hmmm... Maybe I should be a paid spokes person for these.
I had plans for this to wrap around on to 2 short walls so I figured out I needed 6 hooks ( 3 for each row). Since I planned to have the table nestled into that corner. So I measured how high up from the floor they should be (allowing room for the art to hang down).
I them measured the length of the walls & cut my ribbon a little longer (about 6") to allow for slack & the loops. At first I was going to use clothes line rope, but I liked the though of the thought of the extra pop of color (Plus it was left over from our wedding). I sewed the loops, but you could tie a knot if you want (allow extra ribbon/rope for knots).

Once hanging, I just started placing clothes pins & art along the ribbon.
From this photo you can see I folded my ribbon in half width wise so that it stayed on the hook. Once I had enough art & clothes pins hanging from the ribbon the weight kept in in place better.
I love this art wall... this could be fun way to display Holiday or Birthday cards too.
Thanks, Karla

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