Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wine Bottle Cozy

Hi all, You may have seem these from other craft blogs, but here is my version.

I went to a party last night & I took a bottle of wine as a gift - But it needed to look more "gifty" that just a bottle of wine, so I made a wine bottle cozy.

Take an old sweater that you no longer plan on wearing (if it is wool you can felt it by washing it in HOT water & drying it on HI HEAT). Cut off the sleeve & stitch up the bottom (can be done with a sewing machine or by hand).
Tie a fun ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Voila - a fun little wine bottle cozy for FREE!
Or you can embellish it with other things if the wine is only part of the gift.

I made a fun SCRUNCHED BELT to go with my wine so my friend can show off her figure.
" Hubba Hubba "

Love, Karla

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