Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3rd Birthday shirt

The Big Fry! The past 2 years I've made Anders a Birthday shirt special for his day & have to carry on this tradition for as long as he will let me. I feel like a saw a shirt similar to this some where but cannot find it - So I recreated it off of memory & much research (that is code for eating lots of McD's french fries).

I bought a toddler T- shirt at JAF & used scrap knit material. Then looked for clip art that I liked ( the carton clip art was separate from the fries - I liked that the fries looked more 3 dimensional).
Enlarge clip art to suit your needs & cut out of scrap fabric. Also cut out the pieces in Stitch Witchery. I trimmed the Stitch Witchery to be just a hair smaller that the fabric so it would not ruin my iron.

I used reverse applique to add an "A" to the fry carton.

I then ironed on the fry carton (the Stitch Witchery goes between the T-shirt & the carton fabric).
I used rulers to measure from each side seam to make sure the carton would be centered on the T-shirt.
Once cool, stitch the outline of the fry container & then stitch the detail. I used black thread & went over it 2 times to just make it "pop" a bit more.
Iron on your fries & stitch the edges. Then stitch the detail to make them look 3 dimensional. I used a orange-ish tan color thread to make the edges look crispy ( Thanks to all my research).


Peepers thought this T was a big hit - Especially since he likes French Fries so much!

I had to get in a few tickles while we were taking these photos...

Thank you, Karla

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colored Rice (and noodles)

Last week Peepers was a downtown school & there was colors rice at the sensory table. He loved it! So I found instructions for colored rice. I also found instructions for colored noodles. I thought the noodles would be fun for making necklaces. I thought, as long as I'm going to make a mess, I would mix'em & make both. I concocted my own instructions.
2 cups uncooked instant rice

1 cup uncooked penne pasta

1/4 cup vinegar

10 drops food coloring

Mix well in zip lock bag
Let set for 15-20 minutes. Spread out on a layer of paper towels on a cookie sheet & let dry for a few hours (or overnight).
CRAFT FAILURE: the rice got all stuck in the penne, so if you decide to make this, do not mix Rice & Pasta in the same bag. Also, the pasta did not take the color as well as the rice did.
When you are all done, you have a container of colored rice that look like...
Peepers had a ton of fun with this.
Another warning: Some spillage may occur...
If your looking for a fun Easter project for colored rice, check out what DANA MADE.
Thank You, Karla

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter Wreath

I'm not a big Easter decorator... but thought I would make a little something to bring some spring into the house. I started with pastel cardstock, clothes pins, & Glitter Mod Podge & a large brass ring (no clue where I got this ring from... I think it moved with me from Ohio) but you could probably find one at JAF or other craft store. I cut the scrap book paper to the size of the clothes pin & Mod Podged it on... Careful not to touch (some kids just don't listen!)

Let it dry & clip them on to the ring.
Then I used heavy weight scrap book paper in fun pastel prints & patterns to cut egg shapes. I have a little cutter tool that I used, but you could easily print on out from on-line OR
if you are lucky enough to have a Cricut, you could cut them out in a jiffy. I used a glue stick to glue on letters on to the egg. Again, I had these letter in my scrap booking stash. You could use a stencil or your Cricut to cut them out.
Then just clip the eggs in to the cloths pins on the Wreath to spelling out HAPPY EASTER & add a bow.

Thank you, Karla