Sunday, April 4, 2010

2nd year shirt

Last year I made Anders 2 shirts to wear for his First Year B-day parties.
This one was fabric paint on a white onesie.
I especially love the back of this one. I was able to trace his hand while he was sleeping (oh, I think back to the days of 2 naps a day). Then just slipped it under the onsie and traced over it with fabric paint. He was such a chunker!!!

If I did this for he second B-day, believe it or not, the weight would be the same!On this one, I used fun fabric & stitch witchery. Iron on the number & traced around it with fabric paint.
For the 2nd B-day shirt, I wanted to use the peace sign, holding up 2 fingers. I found a cartoon like clip art & enlarged it to the size I wanted. I then found fabric that somewhat resembled tie dye.
I did a reverse applique for this, so I pinned the tie dye to the inside of the front of the shirt.
On the outside, I then traced on the peace sign.
Then I just stitched around following the chalk line. This did take a bit of planning on where to start & stop to try to keep the stitching as continuous as possible.

Looking at it now, I wish I would have used a brighter blue thread. I also used zig zag stitch to the part I didn't cut away would be more defined.

Remove the pins & trim off the excess tie dye fabric from the inside of the garment.
Ever so carefully trim away just the tee shirt portion inside the stitching.

SUPER CUTE! I really enjoyed doing this reverse applique technique & hope to make a few summer shirts for Anders.

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