Friday, April 9, 2010

Flag Banner

I finally finished making a flag banner for Ander B-day. It was super easy & really didn't cost much to make.

1) Gather up all your scraps
2) Cut flags. The ones I cut were 8" across the top and 8" long at the center. I used a pinking shears to finish the edges.
3) Calculate how many flags you need. I CUT WAY TOO MANY! 1/2" bias binding comes in a 3 yd (9 ft package) which will fit 13-15 flags depending on how long of a tail you leave on each end.
4) Purchase bias binding. Sandwich the top of of the flag between the folded bias binding & sew.
5) Hang and enjoy. Depending on the tail length, you can tie them from curtain rods & chandelier OR cut a small hole in the end of the binding & hang with a Command Hook.

I hope to use these over & over.

If you are interested in making one, let me know... I have about 60 extra flags I can pass on to you :)


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