Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Camper Shirt

Hi All,  A few weeks back, we had the privilege of going camping (in our driveway)... Anders is obsessed with Campers, so I thought I would make a shirt to commemorate the fun occasion.

I don't have a step by step, I just used scrap fabric, Stitch Witchery & kind of "went for it"

I used iron on letters for Happy & assumed everyone could tell it was a camper, but someone actually asked what "Happy Trailer" meant?

He loves the shirt, but next time he wants a "high hitch camper" aka a 5th wheel.

Thanks, Karla

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little Boy Plaid Shorts

Have you look at One Yard Wonders and  One Yard Wonders 2?

They are two amazingly fun books with projects galore that take only 1 yard of fabric! All the patters are included in the book.  And one of my former co-workers is the author! Small world huh?

I used a woven pants pattern as inspiration for shorts for Peepers.

I took a few measurements from his "favorite plaid shorts" & tweaked the pattern slightly.

I shortened the inseam to be 5".

I changed the pocket opening shape from curved to angled
 & used self bias fabric to finish it off.
Just as I was ready to sew the fold over elastic waistband, I decided to take a few more measurements from his "favorite plaid shorts" & realized I did not have enough material for a proper fold over waistband.
So I improvised with a leftover piece of chocolate colored knit fabric for a cozy waistband.

Don't look too close at my plaid matching... it is not up to par in my book.

Peepers is jumping for joy to have new plaid shorts!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mini Scrap book show & tell

Here are the results from the HOME MINI MADE SCRAPBOOK post I did a few weeks ago.

Peepers really enjoys having his own little book to show off.  I want to make more... one for our Moline vacation & maybe one for the 12 days of Christmas...