Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rummage Sale May 2 & 3 (and we're expecting 3" of snow)

Adventure out into the cold & Support the Nelsen Cancer Crushers Relay For Life Rummage Sale & Bake Sale this Thursday & Friday - May 2nd 8am-6pm & May 3rd 8am- 4pm

2071 Blomquist Ave in White Bear Lake (near WBL Ave & Cedar Ave intersection)

**All proceeds from the Rummage Sale & Bake Sale will go to the Nelsen Cancer Crushers Relay for Life Team

Last year we raise $5,000! Help us to raise even more this year money for our team & for the American Cancer Society.

Thank You, Karla

Monday, April 1, 2013

Relay for Life 2013

Hello Family, Friends & others~


I am participating in the 2013 White Bear Lake's American Cancer Society's Relay For Life  on July 26th because I want to make a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.

Almost everyone has been touched by cancer, either through their own personal battle or through someone they love.

I will be dedicating my walk to my grandmother Irma Somerfield, my in-laws Betty & Walter Nelsen, my sister-in-law Lynn Sandboe, my nephew Nick Parnell, high school friend Artie Ritter & a friends mother.

Every day, the American Cancer Society is helping us stay well by preventing cancer or finding it at its earliest, most treatable stages. They assist families in finding the best resources to help their friend or loved one deal with a diagnosis and their journey to get well. The American Cancer Society is also rallying communities (like ours!) through events like Relay For Life, to fight back and find cures for this disease.

This Year, the Nelsen Cancer Crushers is holding a Fundraising Rummage Sale. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE RUMMAGE SALE WILL GO TO OUR TEAM.

***Stop by 2071 Blomquist Ave in WBL on May 2nd & 3rd to check out our wonderful treasures.

OR, you can make a donation "the old fashioned way" by visiting my page & donating on line. Every little bit helps the American Cancer Society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Together, we can help make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone's life!

Thank you, Karla

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm a Catch! 2013 Valentine's Shirt

I'm a catch!
I've had this idea to make this shirt for Valentine's Day since last year.

I followed the Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial from Dana's Made Blog - there area ton of tutorials in blog land, this was my first attempt & they are all right... it is addicting! 
I can't wait to make some more fun graphics for summer.
 I just had one little spot that had "seepage" under the freezer paper.
 I then used left over "scaly" looking fabric from my Mermaid Halloween costume  circa 1998 for the body & tail of the fish.

(yes, that's right 1998!)
I actually stitched a few rows of scales in a contrasting color...
 Added felt fishing pole, eyes & heart shaped lips...

 Done - watch out girls... He really is a catch!

Thanks, Karla

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sticky Hand Valentine (candy free)

So I found myself jumping on the "Make your own Valentine" bandwagon this year. 
There are just too many cute & creative ideas out there.

I have not seen STICKY HAND VALENTINE'S on Google or Pinterest (yet) so I thought I would share what Peepers is handing out this year.  It is Candy Free since we are still nibbling away at treats from our Halloween bag.

Peepers & I stared out at Archiever's picking out fun Valentines paper... It was fun to see him get excited about "pretty paper".   I cut the paper roughly 6" x 2.25" & punched a few hearts at one end.
 I had ordered the Sticky Hands form Oriental Trading - I then came up with some clever sayings that went with the theme.  
 "High 5 Valentine"   
 "Let's Stick together"   
 "I'm Stuck On you" 

I scanned in Peepers signature (since we have to make 50 Valentines) & printed it all out on cardstock.  I then cut the cardstock approx 4" x 1.75".

 I simply placed the saying & signature on the scrapbook paper & stapled a sticky hand to the back. 

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Hope you all have a Wonderful Valentine's!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Christmas Ornaments - Boy Friendly

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & that you have a healthy & prosperous New Year!

Yes, It's past due, but it is never too late to get started on next year.  Here are a few last minute Christmas tree ornaments we made this year.

Race Car Clips:
You will need:
mini race cars (I got these for a steal on black Friday)

clothes pins paint
hot glue

PAINT CLOTHES PIN (I used nail polish, some even have a glitter top coat)



Thank You, Karla

Sunday, December 2, 2012

recent projects...

Hi All,  I'm still here crafting away.  Here are photos of a few projects I've been working on over the past few weeks.

Scrabble tree Ornaments:

Sewn ombre note cards from scrapbook paper:

Pine cone ornaments from Sweaters:

Camper pillow case & jammies  (Christmas Present for Peepers):

Poinsettia pillow with jingle bells:

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flannel Scarf

 Do you love to wear a cozy scarf? 
I do & I can't believe it took me years to make one of these lovely scarves!
 Start with 1 old flannel shirt... I think this one was given to be my my BFF Tina in 1989 during my Northern Exposure phase.

Add another flannel shirt...

 And another.
 Cut the back out of your flannel shirt.  Mine ended up being approximately 16" wide x 22" long since these were oversized shirts.  If you shirts are smaller/more fitted, you may need to use 4 shirts to get the length you want.
 Sew the 3 shirt ends together.  Since flannel will fray with wash & wear, I folded over the seam allowance to one side & used zig zag stitch to enclose the raw edges.
 I ended up with one really long scarf (about 65").  At this point I switched gears a bit & decided to sew the scarf in a circle to make an infinity scarf.  If your scarf is shorter than 58", I would not recommend this as you won't be able to easily slip it on & off.
 I hemmed the edges with a simple zig zag stitch again to prevent fraying.
 Super cute scarf!
I really like that I can wear it with different plaids in the front
depending on the other colors I'm wearing.
 I tried it with blue striped dress shirts too...

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Thank you, Karla