Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flannel Scarf

 Do you love to wear a cozy scarf? 
I do & I can't believe it took me years to make one of these lovely scarves!
 Start with 1 old flannel shirt... I think this one was given to be my my BFF Tina in 1989 during my Northern Exposure phase.

Add another flannel shirt...

 And another.
 Cut the back out of your flannel shirt.  Mine ended up being approximately 16" wide x 22" long since these were oversized shirts.  If you shirts are smaller/more fitted, you may need to use 4 shirts to get the length you want.
 Sew the 3 shirt ends together.  Since flannel will fray with wash & wear, I folded over the seam allowance to one side & used zig zag stitch to enclose the raw edges.
 I ended up with one really long scarf (about 65").  At this point I switched gears a bit & decided to sew the scarf in a circle to make an infinity scarf.  If your scarf is shorter than 58", I would not recommend this as you won't be able to easily slip it on & off.
 I hemmed the edges with a simple zig zag stitch again to prevent fraying.
 Super cute scarf!
I really like that I can wear it with different plaids in the front
depending on the other colors I'm wearing.
 I tried it with blue striped dress shirts too...

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Thank you, Karla

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