Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thank You - Those words are not enough

I cannot express my gratitude for all of you who supported me, my team & the fight against cancer in the recent event that I was blessed to participate in - The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.Thank you so much for your donation to my Relay For Life team! I am proud to know that while I was walking, I had your support. It was truly an amazing event.  Our team raised over $5,000!!!
Large turn out for Relay for Life

Peepers & Me at our team table

Grandpa walking the survivor's lap

Our Teams first lap

Lighting the Luminaries

We Relay for Lynn

We walked all night by candle light

Message of hope & support for a future cure.

Cancer touches us all & by working together will we find a cure. So THANK YOU for joining me as we save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays!

It feels good to be a part of something bigger that is truly making a difference in the fight against cancer.Your support will help fund scientific studies that can further research to lead to a cure.  

  • The money you donated helps people get cancer screenings - early detection is the key.
  • Your donations help to connect people with resources, services & support they need to fight their battle. 

Thank you! Karla

Also a special thank you to our team captain Debbie - who did a tremendous job in organizing our team.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Easy Tank

This was a photo of us from last fall. Peepers loves his John Deere shirt,
 But who can wear long sleeves in summer?
So in preparation  for our trip to Moline to see JD HQ, I wanted to turn his tee into a tank.

Done & ready for vacation.

Thank you, Karla

Friday, July 20, 2012

Last Call for Donations - RFL

The White Bear Lake Relay for Life is this coming Friday & there is still time to make a donation!

I will be at the White Bear Lake High School for the duration of the event - from about 4pm on Friday 7/27 until 10am on Saturday 7/28.

Will I personally be walking the entire time? No, But one or more people from my team will be walking the track all though the night.

In all likelihood, sleep will be scarce :) But our spirits will be strong to support those who are affected by cancer.

Please help support me in this walk by going to go to my page to make a donation.

If you are unable to donate monetarily,  you are welcome to stop by the event  to support in spirit or foot rubs :)

Thank You,
Karla & the Nelsen Cancer Crushers

Click HERE if you want to read the letter from my original post.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweater 911


I have a super simple craft to update any top (or to rescue a sweater with a stain - which never happens to me).

I don't have detailed photos, but this one is pretty easy. 
I cut out a few flowers from a pillowcase I got from GW (Goodwill).  Used a little Stitch Witchery & simply sandwiched the Stitch Witchery between the cut outs & the sweater, ironed them down & then stitched them down.  I used  a sewing machine to sew the appliques on, but you could easily hand sew it too. I left the edges raw so they would fray a little in the wash (It must have been a high thread count, because the fraying has been minimal).

Then I gathered up a few seed beads,  hand sewed them in the centers of the flowers & a few on the petals.  You could use rhinestones or sequins & glue if you weren't in the mood for needle & thread.

Another Sweater Saved!
Thanks, Karla

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Homemade Mini Scrapbooks

Hi again,

Confession Time: I am what you call a "slap & scrap" scrapbooker. I throw a few photos on a page, add a boarder & a sticker or 2 & call it a day.

I do aspire to be a better scrapbooker - So I joined a scrapping club at my work. There are tons for fun ideas, techniques & products out there & it is just fun to see others scrapbook pages.

One tip I learned in my group is to get some photos developed in a wallet size - you can get a few more on a page & tell a better story. Since my scrapbooks are 8x8, this really works well for me.

But I'm left with extra photos as wallet sized photos come in a group 4.
If anyone has a source to get individual wallet size photos, let me know.

So when I ran across these 2 homemade mini scrapbooks, I thought perfect!

Here is a way to use up some of my wallet photos, use up some of my scrap paper & make a mini scrapbook for Peepers that if it got tattered or destroyed, I still have my "good"  scrapbook. It could be a fun gift for someone Or Peepers could even help make his own.

I'm working on one now using photos from our most recent cabin adventutes. 
I hope to share it soon.

Thank You, Karla