Monday, March 28, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow - The Girl version

Hi all, I have a few lace crafts that I just did not get around to posting... So bear with me on a few more. Last month I made the BOY Tooth Fairy Pillow, now I've made a Girl version. You'll need: 1 piece of fabric 7"x9" (I used light pink satin fabric that I had on hand) 2 pieces on 3"x 9" satin 1 piece 3.5" x 9" of gathered satin (this measures 18" before gathering) 1 piece 4"x5" satin for the pocket 2 - 9" of lace 1 - 9" piece of ribbon a scrap of white felt cut into the shape of tooth Gather the longest piece of satin, sew it between the 2 skinny pieces. This is the start of the front of the pillow. Sew the lace over the skinny side pieces of satin... I let the scalloped edge lay over the seam of where the satin was joined. I trimmed off the excess from the outer edge. This is what the front & the back of the pillow look like before sewing together.
Follow the same steps from the BOY Pillow & you end up with a cute girl version of the Tooth Fairy Pillow.

Thanks, Karla

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Kari

Today is my little Sister's Birthday. These are photos of her & her Hubby that I took this fall.
I love the ones against the ranked wood... it is just so "them".

Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Boys Jammie Pants

Hi All, Sorry I had to take a bit of a break for blogging ... somedays there is just too much going on in life & something has to move to the bottom of the list.

Last weekend I had a few minutes to myself while the boys ran to the grocery store & I whipped up these pants. I downloaded the pattern from MADE for the Boy Series.

Yes, I know I could have drafted the pattern myself... But I thought I could either spend my time drafting a pattern or sewing & personally get more satisfaction from sewing.

It is actually a pattern for wovens so I tried if out in some scrap polar fleece for Peepers. He calls them "jammie pants" and it is all he wears. Overall they were really fast & simple to make & don't fit too bad. I have made some adjustments to the pattern for next time... straightened out the leg opening, added a bit more to the top edge to better accommodate a wider elastic & scooped the back rise a bit more.

I think he likes them!

Thanks, Karla