Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow - Boy Version

More wedding dress crafts - this one is a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

If you just google it - there are a ton out there that I drew my inspirations from ... But I still needed to make it look masculine & use lace... I know know... the word masculine doesn't exactly come to mind when you think of lace.

You'll need:
2 pieces of fabric 7"x9" (I used light blue flannel)
1 piece 4"x5" for the pocket
9" of lace
3 - 9" pieces of ribbon
a scrap of white felt cut into the shape of a tooth
Sew the tooth on the pocket & the pocket on one piece of fabric - this will be the back of the pillow. I sewed the tooth on a bit crooked, but centered the pocket on the back of the pillow.

I positioned the lace down the center of the front of the pillow. Then positioned the ribbon on each side of the lace. Pin it & sew down the inside edge of the ribbon.

Since the lace is scalloped, I trimmed off the excess...

Then stitched down the outer edge of the ribbon.

Stitch down the ribbon handle along the top edge. I went is 2" from each side.

Now, put the back & the front together (RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER) Something you should have learned that from 7th grade sewing class. And sew the 2 pieces together, leaving open one short end. Then stuff your pillow, and sew the opening shut.

Put your tooth in the pocket, hang on the door & wait for the Tooth Fairy to exchange it for a dollar. PS: Peepers is years away from needing this... I just need to be prepared.
Plus, I love to take photos of him sleeping.

For more fun boy crafts check out THE BOY button to the right - a full month of boy inspiration starts Feb 15th.
Enjoy, Karla

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