Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lace Corsage/Belt

This weekend I went to a girls craft day - It was wonderful to get away & be with fellow crafters... although more chit chatting went on than actual crafting.. but it was all good! So more lace projects... this one is pretty easy. I've really been enjoying wearing belts... I feel like a actually have a waist! So for this project I'm making a lace corsage that you wear on a ribbon belt.

I followed the directions from
Martha to make the lace corsage, but hot glued a small circle of felt & a pin on the back & sewed a nice rhinestone button in the center of the flower.

Then on a piece of ribbon 1.25" wide x 5 ft long, I sewed on a piece of matching felt to give it a little stability to support the pins. The felt piece was the same width as the ribbon & about 3" long. This I put at the center of the ribbon lengthwise.
The I added a few other corsages to the ribbon belt that I made from
here & here.
I like them so much, I have to make two!

Thank you, Karla
PS: Thank you Anna for hosting & Bethany for taking the photos :)

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