Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Neck Gator

Hi All,
Here is a little project I worked on a few weeks ago when the weather started to get cold because my little man said "Don't zip my jacket up - it is buggin' me." I thought he needs a way to keep warm with out his jacket bugging him, so I made him a neck gator. I let him pick out the fabric... John Deere fleece.

Cut a piece 20" x 10" (for an adult version I cut the fabric 28 " x 16"). I made it long enough so it could be pulled up over his nose, like a mask, if he wanted to wear it that way.

Fold your neck gator in half, I used a plate to shape the bottom edge. Measure 4" down & 4" in along the unfolded edge & cut your curved shape.

Your neck gator should look something like this...Fold the long straight edge over 1" & sew a casing for the elastic - the elastic measured 18" - so it has a little give to stay up over your nose.

Sew on a piece of hook & loop along the short edges - this is also how I secured the elastic in place.

Thank You, Karla

Thursday, November 17, 2011


One of my BFF's just put this up on her back yard.

For those of you from Minnesota, you know what it is...

for those of you not from the frozen tundra, it is an outdoor ice skating rink.

With twinkle lights - isn't it cute?

Just add water & freeze!
Thank you, Karla