Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lace Bracelet

Hi All, this is my first post about all the fun ways you can re-use a wedding dress & lace.

Today, I am making a bracelet.

You'll need: Lace, clothes pins, a plastic bracelet & glue. The glue I borrowed from my Mom, we made a bracelet like this a few years back using a crochet doilies. It turned out really cute, so I Thought a lace one would be nice & easy. This glue is wonderful!

Spread the glue all over the bracelet, I did about 2" at a time on the outside & inside of the bracelet.

Apply the lace to the outside of the bracelet, wrapping & pulling tight to the inside of the bracelet & hold in in place with clothes pins.

Let sit & dry...

And dry...
And wear!

Karla :)

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