Thursday, July 5, 2012

Homemade Mini Scrapbooks

Hi again,

Confession Time: I am what you call a "slap & scrap" scrapbooker. I throw a few photos on a page, add a boarder & a sticker or 2 & call it a day.

I do aspire to be a better scrapbooker - So I joined a scrapping club at my work. There are tons for fun ideas, techniques & products out there & it is just fun to see others scrapbook pages.

One tip I learned in my group is to get some photos developed in a wallet size - you can get a few more on a page & tell a better story. Since my scrapbooks are 8x8, this really works well for me.

But I'm left with extra photos as wallet sized photos come in a group 4.
If anyone has a source to get individual wallet size photos, let me know.

So when I ran across these 2 homemade mini scrapbooks, I thought perfect!

Here is a way to use up some of my wallet photos, use up some of my scrap paper & make a mini scrapbook for Peepers that if it got tattered or destroyed, I still have my "good"  scrapbook. It could be a fun gift for someone Or Peepers could even help make his own.

I'm working on one now using photos from our most recent cabin adventutes. 
I hope to share it soon.

Thank You, Karla

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