Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sticky Hand Valentine (candy free)

So I found myself jumping on the "Make your own Valentine" bandwagon this year. 
There are just too many cute & creative ideas out there.

I have not seen STICKY HAND VALENTINE'S on Google or Pinterest (yet) so I thought I would share what Peepers is handing out this year.  It is Candy Free since we are still nibbling away at treats from our Halloween bag.

Peepers & I stared out at Archiever's picking out fun Valentines paper... It was fun to see him get excited about "pretty paper".   I cut the paper roughly 6" x 2.25" & punched a few hearts at one end.
 I had ordered the Sticky Hands form Oriental Trading - I then came up with some clever sayings that went with the theme.  
 "High 5 Valentine"   
 "Let's Stick together"   
 "I'm Stuck On you" 

I scanned in Peepers signature (since we have to make 50 Valentines) & printed it all out on cardstock.  I then cut the cardstock approx 4" x 1.75".

 I simply placed the saying & signature on the scrapbook paper & stapled a sticky hand to the back. 

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Hope you all have a Wonderful Valentine's!

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