Friday, April 30, 2010

I confess...

My craft room is a disaster! It is amazing I get anything done!

So, I'm entering a contest for a $5,000 "spring cleaning" make over thru The Lean Remodeler.

For the contest entry, I need to post photos of the current room & write a short description about the room including who uses it, what takes place in that room and how the Wilsonart Design Team can help you out.

Here are a few photos... Hold you breath, because this room does not even look like it belongs on our house!

As you first walk in, this is what you see to your right. To your left... Straight ahead...
This is a photo of the closet, one weekend (way before Peepers), my husband & I built shelves in the closet to better store my stuff... I have a lot of craft projects going on.My goal for this room is for it to be a craft/playroom for the whole family. There is currently barely enough space to walk thru it to the laundry room. This room reminds me of the show "Hoarders". There are many dangers for my little man in this room that scare the day lights out of me.

I've already updated the lighting, painted a chalk board door, purchased the ceiling & wall paint and shelving/brackets to put above the bump out wall. But I'm stalled... No time to sort thru all the stuff in the room to even attempt the fun decorating part.

I have made many attempts to purge/clean/organize it many times, but it seems to be the "catch all room in the house". In my vision for this room, not only would I like to have it child safe & well organized/laid out. I would like to have a small table & chair set in the middle of the room for Peepers & I to finger paint & play with Play Doh & learn to draw. Since MN winters are long & dreadful, this room will be our escape where we can play with wild abandonment & I can hopefully foster his creative mind & spirit.

And at night when he is asleep, I can work on a few craft projects for our home, him & for myself.

Also, I would like help in finding a "home" for the necessary items that have no business in being in a family craft/playroom.

Thank you for your consideration.

Even if I don't win, admitting I have a problem was the first step in overcoming this dreadful room.

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