Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Compact Mirror Re-do

We all have some old make-up that needs throwing out. But if you are like me, you just hate to throw anything away.There is a perfectly good mirror that can be re-used.
Remove make-up & take mirror out of compact. Use a utility knife to scrap off the hinge & clasp portion of the frame.
Find some fun paper & trace the mirror frame (I then had to go & trim off a little more so it sat down in the back side of the mirror better.

Using all purpose glue, glue the paper onto the back side of the mirror frame. Let dry for a few hours. Make sure the paper dries flat (you will have to check it & smooth it back out occasionally depending on the weight of the paper... the heavier the better).
I then used a product called Diamond Glaze which creates a hard "candy coated shell" on the paper. Squeeze on the whole tube & spread around with a tooth pick to cover the entire paper.
Let dry for a few hours.
I now have a cute little cupcake compact for my purse.
See link for a free sample of Diamond Glaze.
>>>>One a side note: I'm working on a recycled project/toy for Peepers... If you drink frozen concentrated juice, please save me your metal lids. Thank you :)

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