Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring & Summer Blocks

Start with some scrap lumber... I used a 1x6 & had hubby cut them 4" wide.
Find some really fun coordinating paper & cut to size of block. You will need 6 pastel patterns for SPRING & 6 bright patterns for SUMMER. One side of the block will be for SPRING & the other side will be for SUMMER.
Trim down the paper a bit, so you see some wood edges.

Mod Podge them onto the wooden block. TIP: I used my Pampered Chef Stone scraper to make sure there were no bubbles. You could use a credit or gift card too. Let one side dry good before you turm over to do the other side.
I then used a chocolate brown stamping ink pad & rubbed it around the edges to add a bit of an antique look to the block.

Do the same with your letters. TIP: wear rubber gloves when doing this. It is kind of messy.

OPPSY...I forgot to mention that I used coordinating colored card stock and cut 4" letters from my latest Archiver's excursion. Mod Podge these on to the blocks over the decorative paper. Again, make sure it is dry before turning over to do the other side.

Display... on a Mantle

On an entertainment center

On top of your kitchen cabinets

On a shelf

On an End Table

Or maybe not...

I want to make another set for AUTUMN & WINTER someday...

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