Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rhinestone Bracelet knock off

There are so mane great rhinestone bracelets out there ( but some of them are ridiculously expensive).

I made one using all stuff I had on hand: existing cuff bracelet, rhinestone bracelet, rhinestone trim (from a sample same 13 years ago... the trim card is even yellowed), glue, bias cut silk & some clothes pins.

Using super glue I glued the rhinestone bracelet on on the center of the cuff bracelet.

I then glued the rhinestone trim to either side of the center rhinestones.

Pretty as is right?

I then added a drop fabric of glue & wrapped the silk fabric around the bracelet.

Held it in place with a few clothes pins & made a bow to conceal the clasp.

The Finished Product...
Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving! Karla

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