Thursday, January 6, 2011

Calendar Puzzle

So it is 2011 & you all have 2010 calendars to toss or recycle. I chose to upcycle a fire truck calendar into a puzzle for my little man.

I purchased 15 3" x 3" squared from JAF in their pre-cut wood section. The number will vary depending on how big of a picture/calendar you have. I think they were .29 each.

I then measured off my puzzle into 3" x "3 squares

Cut the picture up & Modge Podged it on to the squares. There was a little trimming of the edges that needed to be done as either the wooden squares were not perfectly 3x3 or my cutting was a little off. (I'm blaming the wooden squares).
I did one photo on one side & another photo on the back. The pictures were completely different so it is pretty easy to see what side goes with what puzzle.
Does any one have any other suggestions for upcycling an old calendar?

Thank you, Karla

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