Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Simple Travel Flash Cards

Hi All, I'm a back to school supply shopping junkie... I love all the new markers, fun pens & erasers. There are so many new fun things to get.

Anders & I have been working on shapes & colors. He knows circle, triangle, star & blue & orange pretty good. So when I found these at the One Spot with all the back to school stuff, I had to get them.

I would love to have the time & patience for making these flash cards, but let's be real... these are much faster, simpler & less expensive. There were 36 cards in this set, so I made 3 sets (one set for each car & one set for home). I used clear packing tape to "laminate" one corner of the flash card. I could have " laminated" the whole card (and might yet if these are a hit) so they will last longer.
Punch a whole in that corner, not too close to the edges. Them I use the first card as a template for the hole location for the remaining cards.

Slips a ring on it & away you go.
Thanks, Karla

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