Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Note Pads

I cannot take credit for this craft. My Husband actually orchestrated it... I was just the laborer.

In Print Shop (you could use other programs) I uploaded some on my favorite Peep-a-doo photos on to a blank landscape template.

For the half sheet note pads, I put a photo on each half page. For the quarter sheet note pads I used the 4 corners for adding photos to allow writing space. I did 10 different photos per pad.
I made the photos black & white and faded them out to 40%. On some I added a torn paper or other decorative boarder.

We then took then to an office supply store to make copies… 10 copies of the 10 photos = 100 page note pads.

For the back of the note pads, we reused the cardboard backing from tear off form sheet that my Hubby’s company uses (you could also cut up cereal boxes for the backing). Cut them the same size (half of quarter sheet) as your paper.I lined up all the edges even & held it together with a binder clip.

My Hubby made this contraption with scrap lumber, long screws & wing nuts. You then take your clipped together note pads & put them in the binder machine ( line these up straight too) & screw it down tight. I was able to do up to 4 note books at a time.Then you just paint on this special adhesive. I did one thick coat & let it dry for 15-20 minutes. I then used a utility knife to separate the 4 note pads for a clean cut edge.

Custom Note Pads for Valentine's Day (or any holiday).

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