Thursday, October 21, 2010

Upcycled Halloween Wreath

Do you ever have a seasonal craft idea that you thought of just after the season passed???

Welcome to my Halloween wreath... I thought of this craft last year & have been working on it ever since. Well... not really "working" on it, but "collecting" for it for year. AND... I still probably would not have it complete except for my Hubby's family who was helping me "collect" for this project. Special SHOUT OUT to Walter, Deb & Denny for their help on this project :)

So Collecting what you may ask??? Well, OPNB's (Orange Plastic Newspaper Bags) from our local paper... delivered weekly.

I used these bags & a metal wreath frame from JAF to make an Upcycled Halloween Wreath. I like the fact that this wreath frame had 4 layers to it, so the wreath will be nice & full.

Take your bags & lay them flat, you can stack a bunch on top of each other to make this go faster. Cut off the top & bottom so the edges are even.
Then cut the bag in half.
Once you get a nice stack of cut bags, you can start assembling your wreath.
Just fold the cut bag in half,And loop it thru the wire wreath frame & pull the tails thru.Do this all the way around the wreath on all 4 layers. Push them close together, so the wreath is nice & full. When the bags arrive on your doorstep, they don't appear to have much color, but scrunched all together, it is a fun Halloween orange.

Once the wreath is complete, I added a few spiders (twisted into the wreath with a fine wire).
I added a burlap black bow (I love the frayed edges).Here is the finished wreath.
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Thank you for stopping by to see my Blog, Karla

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