Sunday, January 24, 2010

Embellished Sweater

This was my latest weekend project...

I took a 4.00 sweater from the Target clearance rack & added my own "do-dads".

I had an off white tee just asking to be remade... So I cut off the hem & cut 1" wide & 1/2" wide strips.
I then made accordion pleat ruffles and hand sewed them along one edge.I hand stitched the 1/2" strips into a circle, by connecting the 2 ends. I fanned the "petals" out so they laid flat & sewed a pearl in the center. For the 1" wide strips, I made half circles & sewed a pearl on each end.
This was the hard part... hand sewing them on the sweater. I stitched the half circles on the sleeve & used the flowers & half circles to make a pattern to sew on the sweater left front shoulder area. OH, I forget to mention I created some rusching on the sleeve by sewing elastic to the inside of the sweater. I added my "do dad" where the rusching ended.

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