Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sponge Balls

HI all, I saw these a few years ago in the Family Fun Magazine & knew I had to make them some day.

I ran to the dollar store a few weeks ago so I could make these as soon as we busted the pool out. I bought multiple packages of sponges, making sure I had enough fun colors for at least 5 balls.

Step 1: Pry sponges out of hands of little one

Step 2: Gather up materials: sponges (I used 3 sponges per ball) , scissors & pony tail binders (or string or zip ties).
Step 3: Using moistened sponges, cut them lengthwise into 5 even stripes.
Step 4: Repeat with 2 more sponges (remember 3 sponges per ball)

Step 5: stack the sponges alternating colors in 3 layers like so...
Step 6: Place hair pony in center of sponges ( I wrapped it around 2 times to hold it tight)
Step 7: Fluff & Enjoy!

An inexpensive/green alternative to a water balloon or a fun pool toy.

Enjoy! Karla

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