Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 quick (and cheap) fall crafts

Hi All,
Are you ready for fall? Seriously, I'm not - I want another month of summer, But I have a few decorating ideas to help me get ready for a beautiful MN fall & brace myself for a not-so-beautiful MN Winter.


You'll need: Mod Pogde, empty glass pickle jar, colored tissue paper, leaves &

candle (we use an flameless one with the boy running around) Tear up the tissue paper into random size pieces & Mod Podge on to the jar.
I found these cool leaves,I think they were all chewed up by Asian Beetles, But I loved the lacy look of them & thought light flickering thru them would be beautiful.
Mod Podge them on to the jar over the tissue paper - I used a super thick coat.
* word to the wise, store your leaves flat, not is a crumpled ball will make this project easier*
I tied on a little birch branch disc with some raffia, dropped in a candle & Done!

Pumpkin Banner:

I found these felt pumpkins at Dollar Store in WI. I was not sure what I would do with them, but I had to have them. My Mom suggested this project & I turned out super cute!

I punched some holes, ties them together with some raffia (just something about fall makes me want to decorate with raffia... must remind me of hay).

Hang it above the porch french doors with some little Command Hooks
Each of these crafts took about 15 minutes & cost virtually nothing.

Plus I was lucky enough to have most of the craft supplies on hand.
Thank you, Karla

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