Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So you might think this post is about Peepers... my Son.

No... It is literally about Peeps - the Easter candy & one of the cutest crafts around.

The Peep Bunting by Dana from Made.

I followed her pattern & directions for inspiration - but made a few minor adjustments:
1) Resized bunny to be about 6" tall  - cut 12 yellow & 12 pink.  I did the double layer method - so I ended up with 6 bunny's in each color.

2) Used 2 packets of rick rack

3) Spaced the bunny's about 12" apart - leaving about 18" tails of rick rack for tieing

4) Used Stitch Witchery to adhere the front & back bunny together.  I sandwiched the rick rack in between the layers for a true NO SEW craft.  I trimmed down the bunny pattern slightly after cutting the felt for the Stitch Witchery, because I did not want it to get stuck on my iron.

 So cute with the little painted face.
 We decorated out front staircase with the peeps... this is Christmas garland that doubled
 as St. Patrick's Decorations, that is now being used to represent Easter Grass.  
Who said procrastination never paid off?

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