Sunday, May 13, 2012

4 Year Fire Helmet Shirt

Another year has passed & I'm sharing with you the shirt I made for Anders 4th (YES, his 4th BIRTHDAY)!
 I'm hooked on reverse appliques, I have made shirts many in the past. 
Here are the links if you want to revisit them...

This year, we are going with a fire truck theme for a party, so I made the shirt to follow suit.  Plus, I secretly hope this will become his "all time favorite shirt" that I need to pry off of him each night to wash to be ready for the next day.

I Googled images until I found one I liked.  This one has considerable more detail than previous tees I've made, So I reversed the image, to try something new...
  I sandwiched the fabric that I want exposed (black) between the reversed image & the wrong side of the shirt & literally sewed right thru the paper.
(my theory was a double negative, will make a positive)

 I then carefully peeled away the paper (this was trickier & took way longer that I thought it would).  I used a slightly smaller stitch length (3) than I normally sew with to try to prevent stitches from breaking while pulling away the paper.
Here is the exterior.  I went over the stitching again for security & because I like a thicker outline of the detail.
 Then I cut away the red... again, with this amount of detail & closeness of stitching lines, it was more challenging than past reverse appliques.
 I used a scrap piece of white knit fabric & Stitch Witchery for the front of the helmet & cheated with an iron on number (of which I stitched down also)
 WARNING:  With this amount of detail & closeness's of stitching lines, there was a spot that ripped :( 
I went back over the outside edge of the helmet with a small zig zag stitch to fix the hole & try to prevent future tears.
Overall, I do love the look of this shirt & so does Peepers!

Thank You
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