Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Sweater Make-over

I took an old boring grey sweater with black buttons & some pewter faux silk material & re-made it into a cute holiday sweater.
I cut the fabric 5" wide on the bias. I wanted to keep the fabric edges raw for a soft drape, but didn't want the fabric to fray. I just guessed on how much fabric I needed to cut. (I needed approximately 3 times the width of the sweater for a decent ruffle... times 3 ruffles.) I then sewed my strips together end to end. I have a ruffle attachment on my machine ( I could not imagine ruffling this by hand)... Call me spoiled.

I worked from the bottom up & pinned the first ruffle on about 1.5" up from the bottom of the sweater. (Did I mention this sweater is a few years old & is considered way too short by today's top lengths). And just sewed it on.

I then added the second ruffle 3.5" above the first. Then added the third ruffle 3.5" above the second. Before I did any pinning or sewing, I did some playing to make sure the spacing was right & that the top of the top ruffle would hit roughly at Emipre level. Plus I only had 4 dainty flower shaped rhinestone buttons.

Voila...Cute new Sweater!

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