Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tale of 2 white Tees - striped painted lace

Don't you just love clearance white Tees? I bought 4 - 2 for next winter & 2 to make something fun. I cut off the sleeves of these two & hemmed them. Then I taped lace from HERE
between 2 large sheet of paper.
The lace is 4" wide - I marked every 7" with pins down both sides of the tee pinning thru both front & back layers of fabric (the first row of painted lace will be positioned just below the neck line & the bottom row of painted lace is just above the hem). Measure & pin carefully, you don't want your lace stripes to be crooked.

I worked outside on this project... working with spray paint, you need good ventilation. I laid the tee in the grass & laid the lace/paper over the tee. The top edge of the lace is positioned at the pin - make sure you can just see the pin on both sides of the tee.

Then spray lightly with spray paint...I went over it with a few light strokes for a subtle lace effect. I used a silver spray paint - I wish I would have used a fluorescent pink spray paint. Move paper/lace overlay, line up with next set of pins & spray again.

Flip tee over & spray stripes on back side. Hang to dry.
Thank you, Karla

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