Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peepers Growth Chart

Do you ever have one of those lingering projects? I finally crossed one off my list.
I literally started this Growth Chart last October & just finished it last night... actually it is done, but not even hung up in the house yet.

It's super simple to make & even the steps I did can be simplified if you don't want a weathered board.

You'll need:
house numbers (these were really wimpy & cheap, but work great for this project)
Board (I used a 1 x 6 x 7)
ruler & tape measure
optional: chain, screw, sand paper, stain & a second color of paint.

Step 1 (optional):Beat up your board... swing the chain on it, hammer the corners good, put in a few nicks with the claw.

Step 2: paint your board. I used a mocha brown for the under color. If you are only doing one color of paint, I recommend 2 coats.
Step 3 (optional): Paint second coat of paint in second color (I used a burnt orange, left over from my last house).

Step 4 (optional): Sand your board to rough it it a bit more & have some of the first
paint color show thru.

Step 5 ( optional): Put a coat of stain on your painted/sanded board giving it a more weathered look. Wipe off excess stain with an old rag. I actually added a few more hammer marks the other night, It just didn't look beat up enough!

Step 6: Add you house numbers:

Step 7: Mark your increments with a Shaprie. I went back over my lines a few times so they were nice & thick.
Step 8: Measure your little one. I went back to his baby book & added all the milestone heights that I had previously recorded only on paper.

Thanks, Karla

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