Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tank Dress

I was inspired by a Green Mossimo Dress from Target to make this tank dress. I used a rib tank I had & knit fabric from my stash - So in my mind if cost nothing.

The inspiration was a simple silhouette, wrap skirt, bust darts, empire waist, lined bodice with pleats etc. Very flattering fit!

So I started with my tank & cut it off about 17" down from the shoulder. I tried it on & marked it where the waist should be - I compared it to the waist position from the green dress, but know it is was from a rib and it it would stretch more, I wanted to allow for that.

Then I cut the skirt length of 24" - for this too I followed the green dress. I wanted it to hit just above the knee. I used a plate to trace the curved corners. I used the full 60" width of the knit for the skirt for a full front wrap.

Double turn & hem along the front of the wrap edges & bottom hem.
Enlist a helper if you must.

Then pin & stitch the skirt on to the tank. This has a full front wrap in that the under wrap extends all the way to the opposite side seam of the front wrap edge. I pinched 3 pleats at the outer wrap (like the green dress).
And added few gathers to the CB of the skirt (I was afraid it would look too blousy in the back).
This skirt portion has NO seams except for the hem. Just literally wrapped around with a few pleats & gathers.

Super Easy!

Thank you, Karla

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