Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Twirling Trees

I'm always looking for a "Project'' that I can involve Peepers in making.

This is a great/simple project for little ones who enjoy cutting.
You need: paper (green, yellow & brown), scissors, sewing machine, (or ribbon & clear tape for a no sew version), star punch (optional).

Cut Stars out of the yellow, tree trunk out of the brown & large tree triangles out of the green paper. On the trees I drew horizontal lines about 3/4" apart for cutting.
I let Peepers cut (as best he could) along the lines.
I then sewed the trees back together. Starting with the star at the top & tree trunk at the bottom. I used red thread for this. For the no sew version you can cut a piece of ribbon & tape the paper pieces on.

Play with your twirling trees.
( yes, those are drawn on pants... what can I say!)
Hang your twirling trees for all to enjoy.

Peepers really enjoyed this quick project & actually suggested to make twirling snow men.

Think of the fun possibilities of using fun Christmas scrapbooking paper for your trees...

They could be fun to make out of white glittery paper for a

decoration to hang all winter long.
Thank you, Karla

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