Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spiderman Christmas Ornament

Every year I make Peepers a ornament for Christmas.
His First Christmas I used Fimo clay & made a hand print ornament. I'm no Fimo expert... In fact this was the only time I've ever used it... so here is a TIP I'll share with you... to soften the Fimo clay up enough to work with it, I put it in a zip lock bag & stuck it on the front pocket of my pants while I went on with my day. My body heat warmed the clay up & made it easy to work with.
His Second Christmas I made a Photo Block ornament.
His Third Christmas I made a Birch Branch Photo ornament.
This year, while we were decorating the little tree for his bedroom, he requested a "Spiderman Tree".
In trying to surprise him , I thought I would at least get him a Spiderman ornament from Santa for next year. I was very disappointed with the selection for a 3 yr old (or any age for that matter). There were hand blown glass ones (NO THANK YOU) or nice resin ones that were $15.oo (Also NO THANK YOU).

So out of necessity, I had to come up with a home made Spiderman Ornament (actually semi homemade, but it still counts in my book).
You'll need:

a pre-made non-shatter proof ornament - I got this one at Target. I like the shape of it (kind of like an M&M) & thought it would be easy to add my idea to the back of the ornament.
Photo of Spiderman (or icon of your choice). I just googled some images & scaled them to be smaller that the ornament
Scissors or Exacto knife
marker - I used a sharpie
Mod Podge - I used Glitter Mod Podge... it is a Christmas ornament after all!

First I drew on a spiderweb with the marker - I also added his name & year

Then I cut out Spiderman using the scissors & Exacto knife for the small detail.

Lastly, Mod Podge Spiderman on the ornament & let dry.
Super simple & only $2.00

I do have some ideas for next year if he still wants a Christmas tree decorated entirely in Spiderman. We'll see...

Thanks for checking in, Karla

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