Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birch Tree Gift Tags & Ornaments

Hi All,

I almost feel guilty about posting this to my blog as it is a repeat craft from literally over 15 years ago. So to my family, you will be seeing these again on your presents this year, but to some of you, it hope it is new & you enjoy!

Start out in the fall on a nice walk & look for a fallen birch tree with a branch about the size of your forearm and peeling birch bark. Collect the bark & branch & save it in a nice place until you need it for adorning presents.

Take your peeled birch bark & tear or cut it into smaller pieces about (no smaller that 2"x x3")

Then use what ever you have laying around the house to start decorating. On sturdier pieces of bark you can use them with out additional support like here ... just start hot gluing your trims to the bark & glue it on to your package. (Side note the first time I made these I collected the cutest little pine cones & hot glued then to the birch bark... it was just not possible to find pine cones this year in Minnesota with 30+" of snow).

On thinner pieces of birch bark, I first glued the bark to a piece of scrap card stock, then added ribbons, scrap fabric, buttons, stickers to decorate.

Not all have to be "Christmasy" they can be for any occasion

Start out with a birch branch about 2" in diameter & saw then into 3/8" discs.

Drill a small hole thru the disc.
These go really fast & are pretty easy, so make a bunch.

Then start decorating... ribbons, raffia (hello 1980's... I told you this craft was an oldie but a goodie) stickers, charms, markers or Mod Podge a photo on one side.
It is an ornament on one side
And a gift tag on the other side.
On this gift tag, I double stick taped a gift card to the back.

Here I just hot glued it right to the wrapping paper.
My presents are all wrapped up & ready for Christmas Eve.
Thank you, Karla

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