Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wooly tree in my red forest

Hi all,

I saw this tree made up here & thought - I need one of those. I made mine a little different that their instructions. I found this nifty blazer this summer at GW (Good Will) and thought the classic red plaid was perfect.Out of the back panel of the blazer I cut out a cone shaped tree. I wanted this tree to be super tall so I made it 28" long... make sure it is the same length on the sides of the cone as it is down the center (this will give you the curve edge along the bottom).
Sew the sides of the cone & stuff it with batting.
This next step is probably the hardest step... I sewed a circle of matching fabric
on to the bottom of the cone so the batting wouldn't fall out. I left the raw edges on the outside, since it is just for decoration & shouldn't get too manhandled, it should not fray too bad.

I have a few other red trees that I have collected over the years + this one I just made. They are now on display on top of our entertainment center with some other holiday decorations.
I have plenty of more ideas for red trees, but won't probably get to them all this year.

Thanks, Karla

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